Field Notes

Developing Times by Nigel Rumsey

Field Notes for film developing

In this notebook, I write all my notes related to film developing. “Why are you showing us this Nigel?” you might be saying. Well despite having this great little book with all my notes and despite having been developing film on & off for 30 years, careless people can still f**k it up.

Field Notes notebook for film photography

This morning I grabbed my gear and the roll of Agfa APX100 I finished shooting yesterday, and I set off developing. I’d pushed it two stops so I looked in my book, Agfa APX100, at ISO400 x HC-110 = 6.30 mins! Those of you experienced at such things are now thinking, pushed film, 6.5 minutes that doesn’t sound right and, dear reader, you’d be correct. However, the dumb arses amongst us didn’t have that thought. They’re too busy listening to a podcast.

So the result, one severely under-developed film. I should have read 15.5 minutes, not 6.5. The only consolation being it has been 30 years, and I hope it’s 30 years until the next one.

That podcast I was listening to: We Believe in Film by Timothy Ditzler, although it’d hardly be fair to blame him!