365 Project / by Nigel Rumsey


I’ve, possibly foolishly, started a 365 project for 2017. If you’re not familiar with the concept it’s a project some photographers undertake to free themselves from the confines of what they have to shoot and allow themselves to play a little. 

I’ve started it for that reason but also because I mainly work from home and, especially in the winter, it can be just too easy to stay in the house. My project is focused on my local town, Gravesend, Kent. Basing it locally should give me another reason to go for a walk each day. 

The third reason is I’m working on a long-term documentary project locally (more of that soon) and walking around with a camera is a great way of meeting people in the town.


I’ve explained on the first post that these first few images were shot on 1st January and I developed the film yesterday. I rather recklessly took that opportunity to try a different method for developing the film (stand-developing for those who are interested). For some reason, the film is under-developed which accounts for at least some of the chunky grain. I’ll revert to regular processing until I’ve improved the results stand-developing.