Randy: typing NYC by Nigel Rumsey

Randy sitting typing on New York street Randy, strangely enough, was sitting on the kerb in Chelsea (NYC) typing a letter. We had a great chat he explained that he ran a business selling used records from outside of a disused shop. Apparently the landlord is gradually trying to close down the businesses on the block so it can be redeveloped, so Randy has set up his stall outside one of the vacant stores selling his records.

He told me about the changes in the area and that the majority of the creative folks had been driven out by the increasing rents. Rather a sad story and something echoed in London.

Randy was a really nice guy but I left our encounter with the sad feeling that we'll see fewer of the eccentric real New Yorkers on the street in the future.

New York City, USA

Linda - stranger #12 by Nigel Rumsey

Linda Weir artist painting on the harbour arm St. IvesHarbour, St. Ives, Cornwall

During the summer Linda paints in her VW camper on the harbour St. Ives. A more beautiful place to paint it's hard to think of.

We had a great chat, Linda was explaining the differences in light on the water. As a photographer I think I see more than most but when you're painting the same scene over weeks and months you really see!

Thanks Linda.

Leica M6, Kodak Tri-x, HC-110 'B' - 7 mins.

Ellie - stranger #5 by Nigel Rumsey

Ellie a stranger I met on the street in London Wardour Street, London

I shouldn't have been surprised when Ellie said she worked as a model, she was very striking (and tall), more so than I've made her look here.

I think I've got my 'can I ...' introduction down, but it's still a little nerve racking approaching a very attractive girl on the street and asking if you can take their portrait. As with everyone I've asked so far she was very cool about it. She was in London with friends on a trip from her native Tyneside, where she's studying.

She said if I was ever in the area and needed a model I should look her up, and if I ever had the budget I would. Remember the name Ellie Berry, she just might be big one day!

One thing I need to take more note of when taking these portraits is the background, I really don't like that big block of bright sky to the right side of the frame.

Nikon F3, Kodak Tri-X @ 800, HC-110 'B' 8mins

Damien - stranger #3 by Nigel Rumsey

Frith Street, London

I thought I was off to a good, if slightly shaky, start on my strangers project and then what with work and home commitments I hadn't had a chance to get out for a few weeks. So by the time I came to shoot stranger #3 I felt like I was starting again. However I bit the bullet.

This is Damien, he was sitting outside Cafe Nero in Frith Street, smoking his cigar looking very comfortable. I didn't even get all the way through my "I'm working on a photo project, would you mind ...", "Yeah, no problem" said Damien, and he adopted the pose. I assumed he must live or work locally, but he said no he didn't he just liked to come here, smoke and hang out. To be honest I can't think of a much better place to do that. A nice guy who it was a pleasure to meet.

Nikon F3, Kodak Tri-X @ 800, HC-110 'B' 8mins

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