Testing Orwo N74+ by Nigel Rumsey

I posted before a sample of Orwo N74+ developed using Kodak HC-110, the sample below was developed using Rodinal diluted at 1+50. A christmas cake shot in NT Ightham Moat

For those not familiar with it Rodinal is one of the earliest developers and a favourite of many photographers for its low cost, ease of use and incredibly long shelf life. One of the features of Rodinal, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the look you're after, is it gives pronounced grain on faster speed films. As in all things 'too grainy' is entirely subjective, for me the cut-off with Rodinal is iso400. Having said all that I like the look that N74+ gives in Rodinal, you get the acutance you expect from Rodinal but the grain isn't too distracting.

The question that inevitably comes up whenever I look at different films is "would it take the place of my favourite film Kodak TRI-X?" At the moment I have to say N74+ is closer than anything else I've tried, but my heart still lies with TRI-X. I've come to realise, and it's somewhat embarrassing that it's taken me so long, is that probably in my eyes nothing will ever beat TRI-X. This begs the question why do I feel the need to keep looking, why can't I be happy with the film I really like? Maybe that is a reflection of our time.

I've noticed in all the best pixel peeping blogs they always show a crop of the image at 100% so here, just for you my friends, Orwo N74+ in HC-110 and Rodinal at 100%.

Orwo N74+ & HC-110 100% crop

Orwo N74+ & Rodinal 100% crop

If you have experience of using Orwo films I'd love to hear about it please let me know in the comments below.


91 bus route by Nigel Rumsey

an elderly lady on a 91 bus in London Somewhere near Russell Square, London

Olympus 35 RC, Era 100, Rodinal 1+50 10mins.

When I developed this film, for some reason, I looked up the times for Efke 100 (10mins.) not Era 100 which it is. Consequentially it was under developed by 4mins. A few of the shots were OK. It's so annoying to make such a schoolboy error.

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here by Nigel Rumsey

a couple closely looking at a map in Ray's, London

There's a feeling you get when a picture is just right. A feeling I experience rarely, but in this case my friends - BANG - it's there. I am so pleased with this it's actually slightly embarrassing. And this was the film I developed for the wrong time, but we're not talking about that today, because today I'm all about this shot.

Olympus 35RC, ERA 100, Rodinal 1+50 10mins.