Damien - stranger #3 by Nigel Rumsey

Frith Street, London

I thought I was off to a good, if slightly shaky, start on my strangers project and then what with work and home commitments I hadn't had a chance to get out for a few weeks. So by the time I came to shoot stranger #3 I felt like I was starting again. However I bit the bullet.

This is Damien, he was sitting outside Cafe Nero in Frith Street, smoking his cigar looking very comfortable. I didn't even get all the way through my "I'm working on a photo project, would you mind ...", "Yeah, no problem" said Damien, and he adopted the pose. I assumed he must live or work locally, but he said no he didn't he just liked to come here, smoke and hang out. To be honest I can't think of a much better place to do that. A nice guy who it was a pleasure to meet.

Nikon F3, Kodak Tri-X @ 800, HC-110 'B' 8mins

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