'in his mouth!' by Nigel Rumsey

a man having his teeth whitened in the middle of a shopping mall. Now here's the thing I have a bit of an irrational dislike of restaurants in shopping malls. Not the food court type, they're fine. they are what they are. It's never going to be fine dining, but well, you are in a mall. It's the sort of restaurant that tries to persuade you you're eating in sophisticated environs in London, Paris or New York, when you're plainly eating with buggies going past your shoulder.

Irrational maybe but taking it to a whole new level, this guy is, i kid you not, having his teeth whitened, in-a-mall!

He hasn't gone to his friendly dentist ,that he's probably know for years, with a certificate on the wall, a dental nurse and the quietly playing music. No he's sat down in the middle of the mall, visible to the world (and any joker with a camera) and someone he's never met before is sticking chemicals (strong enough to bleach his tooth enamel, remember) in his mouth! I'm betting it won't be long before we see pop-in vasectomies in Tesco.

olympus xa2, kodak tri-x, rodinal 1+50

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