St- Ives

Porthmeor by Nigel Rumsey

Porthmeor beach, St. Ives About this time each year the relentless rain and grey of the British winter starts getting to me. My mind yearns for a little sunlight and the warmth on my back. I'm afraid there's still a while to go before even the most optimistic of us can expect those warm spring days that herald such promise. Until then I'm cheering myself with shots of last summer.

If you don't know St Ives, Porthmeor beach is the wildest of the four beaches that surround the little Cornish town. Porthmeor faces West and so gets the best of the surf, although they're hardly of Hawaiian proportions.

Here's to this summer, Porthmeor beach and long summer days!

Peter - stranger #13 by Nigel Rumsey

Peter Beeson, artist, eating lunch in St. Ives The Digey, St. Ives, Cornwall

I interrupted Peter eating a lunch of roast duck and roast potatoes outside this restaurant in St. Ives. He had a digital Leica sitting on the table and he kindly let me try it out. We got talking about film vs digital the pros and the cons - as you do.

Peter works as an artist, based in St. Ives, and shoots landscapes. I can't remember if he said he painted from life or the photograph. A really confident guy, I got the impression nothing would phase him!

Sorry about interrupting your lunch Peter.

Leica M6, Kodak Tri-x, HC-110 'B' - 7 mins.