New York

Randy: typing NYC by Nigel Rumsey

Randy sitting typing on New York street Randy, strangely enough, was sitting on the kerb in Chelsea (NYC) typing a letter. We had a great chat he explained that he ran a business selling used records from outside of a disused shop. Apparently the landlord is gradually trying to close down the businesses on the block so it can be redeveloped, so Randy has set up his stall outside one of the vacant stores selling his records.

He told me about the changes in the area and that the majority of the creative folks had been driven out by the increasing rents. Rather a sad story and something echoed in London.

Randy was a really nice guy but I left our encounter with the sad feeling that we'll see fewer of the eccentric real New Yorkers on the street in the future.

New York City, USA

In No Great Hurry: 13 lessons in life with Saul Leiter by Nigel Rumsey

I've been a fan of Saul Leiter's work for some time so when I finally got the opportunity to go to NYC over Easter last year I spent ten days walking around Manhattan sure that at any moment I was going to bump into the great man. You won't be surprised to hear I didn't. Since then In No Great Hurry a film, by Tomas Leach, about Saul's life has been released to great critical success and on 26 November last year Saul sadly passed away.

There have only been a couple of screenings here in the UK, neither of which I've managed to get to so I was pleased to see that the fim has now been released on DVD and download. I've downloaded my copy for the princely sum of $10 and the quality looks great.

If you're in the USA there more screenings scheduled, you can find the listing on the web site. I hope at some point it'll be shown again in the UK.

Saul's obituary in the New York Times.