Borscht - a project in the making by Nigel Rumsey


This is a test shot for a project I've been thinking about. I was messing with some lighting in preparation to shooting some still life with the Hasselblad. What I hadn't realised (or maybe I'd forgotten) was that the closest focusing distance on the Hassy 80mm lens is 3ft, which is not much use when you're trying to shoot a bunch of beetroot. So this week after a little research and some invaluable guidance from a Filmwasting friend I ordered an 8mm extension tube. Now 8mm may not sound much, but it makes in incredible difference and reduces the closest focusing distance to about 15" (or ideal for shooting a bunch of beetroot).

the ingredients for my borscht recipe

This shot 'Borscht in preparation' (shot digitally) is the kind of thing I have in mind, recipes in their ingredient form. My natural instinct is to shoot in black & white, but I can't help feeling colour is more appropriate here. I'm going to start doing both with Ilford FP4+ and Kodak Ektar, it's usually obvious fairly early in project what's right. I'll let you know how I get on.