New (to me) camera: Nikon D700 / by Nigel Rumsey

A Nikon D700 with 50mm f1.8 lensAs you can see I didn’t buy a D610 as I suggested I might in a previous post. I went to look at one and for some reason it just didn’t excite me. I appreciate that’s a rather an amorphous thing to quantify, but if you’re not using a camera as a professional tool where maybe a particular feature is paramount, it should be something you enjoy using. Even when I had the D610 in my hand I was thinking back to the D700 I’d tested. There was, of course, the additional bonus that it was significantly cheaper than the D610. Granted the D700 is an older camera - a lot older in tech years, which I understand are slightly shorter than dog years - however from all I read it still gives great images. First impressions are it’s noticeably larger and heavier than my D7000, that’s obviously a disadvantage in some circumstances, although I quite like a heavy camera. It certainly feels very solid and well made.

I’ve only taken a few test shots around the house and in the garden, however everything seems to be fine. My lens ‘collection’ is limited to the beauty you can see there, I’d really like a 35mm lens, my go-to length, but that’ll come in time. Until then I’ve got a new camera to get used to.

Enjoy your weekend!