Lost Pubs: Manor Shades / by Nigel Rumsey

1 Manor Road, Gravesend

There have, at some time, been sixteen pubs in Gravesend with the suffix ‘Shades’ to their name. Manor Shades was the last when it closed on 31st December 2012. There were also ‘Shades’ pubs across south-east London and Kent. I can only assume they were tied to a brewery, but I haven’t been able to find any reference to it online.

Manor Shades opened in 1879. In 1904 in an early act of corporate rebranding, the name was changed to Burton Ale Shades, the rebranding lasted until 1925 when it reverted to Manor Shades.

This is one of many pubs to have recently closed in Gravesend. Since the turn of the century, 24 pubs in the town have ceased trading.

Part of an ongoing project.

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