Library light / by Nigel Rumsey

To grab little respite from the crazy wonderful madness that is New York City we slipped into the Public Library building on Bryant Park, not realising it would be one of the most amazing places to shoot. It was about 10am in late March so the sun was fairly low in the sky allowing the sunlight to stream in through the tall windows. NYC Public Library

The building has a number of reading rooms, this one for periodicals was wood panelled with wonderful long tables, the combination of the very dark wood and the bright sunlight was sensational. It was very quiet with no one talking in anything louder than a whisper so I felt I couldn't spend too long clicking away but I did manage to grab a few shots.

The second shot below was taken in the corridor just outside the reading room. This woman was just standing watching passersby on the street giving me plenty of time to shoot.

NYC Public Library II

If I get the opportunity to go back to New York, I'll certainly be heading back to the library hoping the light will be as inspiring as it was on this day.