Didier - stranger #4 / by Nigel Rumsey

Bateman Street, London

This is Didier. I was standing in front of this cafe on Bateman Street thinking it would be a good spot to take a portrait when Didier came up and started asking me about my camera. We got chatting and I asked him if it was OK to take his portrait. Unfortunately it was beginning to get a little dark, in the closed streets of Soho, but I think this works OK.

Didier is originally from South Africa and had lived in Nottingham for a while before moving to London. He was telling me he'd been having a hard time recently, I don't think it's right to share the details but, Didier, if you read this I hope things work out for you.

Nikon F3, Kodak Tri-X @ 800, HC-110 'B' 8mins

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