Henk Wildschut - Calais, December 2012 by Nigel Rumsey

Henk_Wildschut_shelter In this video Henk Wildschut revisits the site of the Calais camps he previously photographed in his series Shelter. It highlights the difficult circumstances of those waiting to get to across the English Channel, many risking life and limb to make the crossing. It vividly shows that the view of these migrants from either side of the channel is never clear-cut.

Henk Wildschut - Calais, December 2012 from ARTtube on Vimeo.

I'd urge you to look at Henk's website. He has several interesting documentary projects in addition to Shelter. The series Food, details the work of hi-tech food production facilities, however food in question is that which the layperson would expect to be raised on a farm in something approaching fresh air. One of the most fascinating and at the same time depressing pieces of work I've seen in some time.