Gravesend Street Portraits by Nigel Rumsey

I had a great couple of hour shooting some street portraits in Gravesend last Sunday. I took the opportunity to hand out some of my 'We Are Gravesend' flyers, hopefully I contacted with some interested participants. If you've landed here after meeting me on Sunday please get in touch, I'd love you to take part in the project.

A portrait of a young couple, Steve & Adele, in Gravesend.

A portrait of Wendy on the street in Gravesend.

A portrait of a young woman, Isabel, in Gravesend.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop.

Working with animals by Nigel Rumsey

A woman and her dog in a shop in Shoreditch, London I'd never really considered whether the adage about 'Never working with children and animals' was true. Until I approached this lady who was taking it easy in a very 'Shoreditch' clothes shop / coffee shop and asked if I could take her portrait with her dog.

She was charming and agreed straight away. No matter how much I tried the get the bloody dog's attention he was having none of it. He almost has the 'I know you're there but I'm ignoring you' look on his face - I guess I'm lucky she didn't have kids with her!

We are Gravesend : Genevieve Jones from Sierra Leone by Nigel Rumsey

A portrait of Gravesend resident Genny JonesIt's such a great feeling to have finally started my personal project about my home town, Gravesend, Kent. Yesterday I had the privilege of shooting and interviewing Genevieve 'Genny' Jones, an inspirational woman and one of the real life-bloods of our community. If there's a community event in Gravesend it's likely somewhere behind it will be Genny Jones - The Confident Queen. Genny was born in Sierra Leone and is the first, but my intention is to photograph and interview at least one person from each of the nationalities in the borough. In 2011 that numbered 40, I have no idea how many there may be now but it will be interesting finding out.

If you live in Gravesend, were born outside the UK and are interested in taking part please get in touch. However I understand not everyone welcomes immigration, it has effected the lives of residents here as it has in many towns in the UK. As I write we are five days from a General Election and immigration has featured significantly in all of the debates. If you were born in Gravesend and have lived here all of your life you'll have seen your town change significantly in the last 20 years. I'd love to meet you and hear your views.

You can read more about the project here.

beautiful people by Nigel Rumsey

a model at the London Fashion week 2014 I spent the afternoon yesterday hanging out at Somerset House venue of London Fashion Week. It was the place to see and be seen, however I was firmly in the 'to see' category. It emphasised what a crazy, amazing, whirling circus the fashion world can be. Fun never-the-less.

I'm afraid I didn't catch the name of the glamourous subject of this photo, but she was very approachable and gladly posed for a few portraits.


Chrome by Nigel Rumsey

Chrome I've been something of a fan of Chrome messenger bags for some time, I was in their New York store recently and had the opportunity to take some portraits of Brianna making one of their in-house custom bags. The custom bags give you the opportunity to specify the colour of each of the panels, the buckles, even the colour of the tape. It was quite dark in the store but that combined with the lamp Brianna was using gave a dramatic look I'm really pleased with. I haven't picked up  a custom Chrome bag yet myself but as they're going to be opening a store in London soon the temptation might be too much to resist.