100 strangers

Peter - stranger #13 by Nigel Rumsey

Peter Beeson, artist, eating lunch in St. Ives The Digey, St. Ives, Cornwall

I interrupted Peter eating a lunch of roast duck and roast potatoes outside this restaurant in St. Ives. He had a digital Leica sitting on the table and he kindly let me try it out. We got talking about film vs digital the pros and the cons - as you do.

Peter works as an artist, based in St. Ives, and shoots landscapes. I can't remember if he said he painted from life or the photograph. A really confident guy, I got the impression nothing would phase him!

Sorry about interrupting your lunch Peter.

Leica M6, Kodak Tri-x, HC-110 'B' - 7 mins.

Linda - stranger #12 by Nigel Rumsey

Linda Weir artist painting on the harbour arm St. IvesHarbour, St. Ives, Cornwall

During the summer Linda paints in her VW camper on the harbour St. Ives. A more beautiful place to paint it's hard to think of.

We had a great chat, Linda was explaining the differences in light on the water. As a photographer I think I see more than most but when you're painting the same scene over weeks and months you really see!

Thanks Linda.


Leica M6, Kodak Tri-x, HC-110 'B' - 7 mins.