brown sauce or red? / by Nigel Rumsey

Half a bacon sandwich

Photography is my thing. It's the thing I've been interested in longer than anything other. My lovely wife aside it's the thing I think about most. Actually now I think about it, I spend quite a lot of time thinking about how much I dislike driving, but that's only when I'm actually driving.

However, even with an interest as long lived as photography there are naturally down times and this is one of those times. Hence the rather dry spell here on the blog. So I've decided to give myself permission to write about things other than photography, it is my blog after all.

Having made that announcement I feel as though I need to actually write on some non-photo related topic, which brings me in an incredibly circular route to Ben Wishaw.

There is a horrible sinking sadness that overcomes me when anyone in the public eye releases a statement that, in the common vernacular, they've 'come out'. Not because of the fact that they're gay, but because in 2014 it's still seen as important. Yet it seems even more depressing in the case of Ben Wishaw, because there are so many far more interesting things to talk about.

Here is a 33 year old actor who has already played Hamlet and Richard II, has acted on stage to incredible reviews with Judi Dench, who has a list of film, television and theatre credits far too long to recount here. Yet when interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Front Row this evening there was the inevitable question about his sexuality. To give the presenter, Damian Barr, his due it was very cleverly 'embedded' in the conversation, but it was there never-the-less. Whether he prefers to sleep with men or women should be, in fact is, as important as whether he prefers brown sauce or red on his bacon sandwiches. As a vegetarian I'd be slightly more interested whether he eats bacon sandwiches at all. However I fear we're still a long way from that time and so I'm consigned to these periods of disappointment in the human condition as another poor Ben Wishaw or Tom Daley subjects themselves to the ritual examination of their private lives.