A Fish out of Water / by Nigel Rumsey

I think I've mentioned here before the excellent Documentary Review Podcast. Actually it occurs to me that by saying 'I think' I may give you the impression that I've been too lazy to check. I'm not taking you for granted, dear reader. It's just that, well, I suspect that I may not have mentioned it before, which would, I'm afraid, have been dreadfully remiss of me. By not checking I can try to delude myself that it isn't the case. By now I can almost hear you thinking "Are you not supposed to be talking about 'a fish out of water' or the excellent Documentary review Podcast?" And you are right, of course, please ignore what has gone before, clean slate, so here goes....

I may not, in the past, have mentioned the excellent Documentary Review Podcast which could be considered (by the judgemental) as something of an oversight on my part. Until recently it has been an inspiring series of audio podcast interviews with Documentary Photographers, all of whom are working on projects close to where they live.

Some notable favourites for me have been Lewis Bush talking about his project based on Canvey Island; a truly eye opening interview with Antonio Olmos on his project documenting the sites of murders within the M25 and more recently the interview with Tim Mitchell discussing his project A Fish Out of Water.

The podcasts have become, for me, a small injection of inspiration that I take when I feel the creative well becoming a little dry. So unlike other podcasts I'm not listening to them, necessarily, when they're published, I tend to save them until the motivational need arises.

A YouTube channel has now been added so you can see some of the images while the photographer is talking about them. I love Tim Mitchell's time lapse of the breaking of the RFA Grey Rover over a two year period, in a dry dock, in Liverpool.

As you can tell I'm a fan. Do your creativity a favour and subscribe.