Ask anyone creative with a website they'll tell you the About Page is about the most difficult thing to write. It's now seen a bit of cliché to say that your chosen art form is the greatest passion in your life. But, apart from my family, photography is the greatest passion in my life, by some long way - so what to do? All I can do is be honest and if it seems a little hackneyed then I so be it.

My photography has always been inspired by a passion for art and design. The common convention is that as you get older your taste tends to mellow. I find that the reverse has been true. I'm probably more passionate now than I was 30 years ago. 

I'm interested in documenting the human condition, in all circumstances, whether that be the honest grit of documentary photography, documenting your gig or event. I'm a Londoner, who's now based in Gravesend, Kent, my heart still lives in London and I spend much of my time working there.

Too often when hiring someone creative unreliability comes as part of the deal. As a former Project Manager, planning is my forte - at times slightly obsessively. If I say I’m going to be somewhere at a certain time, then I’ll be there - probably a bit too early. I know your project is important to you and I take that very seriously. Having said that work should be fun, if we can enjoy ourselves along the way then all the better. 

If that sounds like the person you want shooting your event please get in touch. 

You can contact me on email:, or on Twitter: @nigelrumsey.

Family photography isn't my thing, if you're looking in London we use Louise Rose Photography who shot my portrait above.