37/365 Homemead and Gravesham Court by Nigel Rumsey


Homemead Close, Gravesend

This is the first in a short series of images of Homemead and Gravesham Court. They’re two blocks built in the late 60s and opened in 1970 as sheltered accommodation for elderly residents. Each block has 38 one bedroom flats.

I have to be honest and admit they are looking a little tired. What they’re like to live in I don’t know, it would be great to meet a resident.

34/365 Parking #2 (Sign o' the Times) by Nigel Rumsey


Ferndale Road, Gravesend

I’m sure it’s the same in most towns, the pressure on parking increases, neighbourly tensions rise and then this happens. 

The house on the right want to convert their front garden into a parking space but there’s a tree in the way. The council resist but eventually the tree comes down. There’s another like this 50m away. This doesn’t create any additional spaces because the white car won’t be able to park there in the future; it just means ‘their space’ is reserved. I understand the problem but soon we won't have any tree-lined streets.

32/365 night by Nigel Rumsey


Milton Road, Gravesend

Shooting at night was something I’d never really been that interested in but since I started using Fuji cameras and their amazing EVFs I’ve really enjoyed it. 

Of course, there’s no reason I can’t replicate that on film for this project. This is Milton Road looking towards the centre of town shot on T-Max 400. More of this to come.