21/365 Terrace Tavern & Hotel by Nigel Rumsey


The Terrace, Gravesend
After visiting the Crown & Thistle last week and finding it closed I walked just a few doors further along The Terrace to the old Terrace Tavern & Hotel. This must have really been something in its time. The hotel is no more than 100 yards from the river and I’m sure served the maritime community.

I’m not sure when it opened but there are records back to 1837. It’s sadly no longer a hotel, it is still open trading as a convenience store.

13/365 The Crown and Thistle by Nigel Rumsey


The Terrace, Gravesend

After photographing the doors of the closed Manor Shades pub on day 7, I thought I ought to start shooting the pubs in Gravesend that are still open. 

I headed to The Crown and Thistle, a pub I’d always been meaning to visit on to find it’s also closed. According to the internet, it closed at the end of 2015. Sad times.

7/365 Manor Shades by Nigel Rumsey


Manor Road, Gravesend

27 pubs have closed in Gravesend since we moved here in 1999. The doors to the Manor Shades opened in 1879 and closed for the last time in 2012. 

I’ve been thinking about themes I can follow with this project as I work through the year. A record of the pubs still open seems particularly timely.

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