19/365 It's not so bad! by Nigel Rumsey


19/365 It’s not so bad.

King Street, Gravesend

It’s been a bit gloomy around here of late with all those closed pubs and empty shops. Let’s be honest the news isn’t great; tomorrow we’ve got President Trump to look forward to (I still haven’t got my head around that one) and the UK, after shooting itself in the foot in June, is about to upgrade to the full kneecapping. So enough of this gloom I say, what you need is a phone box with some flowers on - enjoy!

(back to the gloom tomorrow)

18/365 Not on the High Street by Nigel Rumsey


New Road, Gravesend

As with many town centres Gravesend has suffered from larger shops either closing or moving to out-of-town shopping centres. In recent years we've said goodbye to Woolworths, Marks & Spencer and most recently BHS, as well as countless smaller stores. 

Debenhams still holds on but you can’t help get the feeling that their heart isn’t in it.

9/365 The North by Nigel Rumsey


The Thames at Gravesend

If you can bear to turn your gaze away from Gravesend for a day, it’s northern boundary is clearly marked by the River Thames. Across the water lies Tilbury and Essex. That small white boat you can see on the right is the Gravesend-Tilbury ferry, the most easterly point to cross the Thames. I hope to return to the ferry later.

8/365 twelth night by Nigel Rumsey


St John The Evangelist R. C. Church, Gravesend

Shot yesterday, twelfth night, this seemed appropriate. I’m not religious but there was something very pleasing about this scene and the way it fitted in what, I assume, was a doorway of the catholic church.

7/365 Manor Shades by Nigel Rumsey


Manor Road, Gravesend

27 pubs have closed in Gravesend since we moved here in 1999. The doors to the Manor Shades opened in 1879 and closed for the last time in 2012. 

I’ve been thinking about themes I can follow with this project as I work through the year. A record of the pubs still open seems particularly timely.

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6/365 Union Jack by Nigel Rumsey


6/365 Union Flag

Union flag, Holy Trinity C.E. Primary School

There are more flags about. I don’t know why but when I see the Stars & Stripes flying from an American home it seems like an understandable act of patriotism. That isn’t the case with the Union flag; the Cross of St, George jars even more. Why is that?

4/365 home by Nigel Rumsey


Doorway, Berkley Crescent, Gravesend

This post has a personal resonance for me. I’m currently working on a documentary project at the Sanctuary, a winter night shelter in Gravesend. The shelter only has the resources to open three nights a week. When it’s not open one of the guests sleeps in this doorway. 

There is a fundamental difference between knowing that people sleep rough and knowing people who sleep rough. For one of those people this is home. More of that project to come.

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