1/365 let’s get this party started / by Nigel Rumsey


I appreciate committing to a 365 project on the 1st January is a bit like joining a gym, I could be really setting myself up for failure. However, literally on the spur of the moment yesterday morning it’s what I decided to do. The main motivation is not just to get myself to shoot more frequently but to walk more frequently. I find, like I'm sure like many other people who work from home, it's very easy to find a reason not to leave the house if I don’t need to. 

So instead of joining the gym, which just at the moment I couldn’t face, a 365 project seemed a good way to get more exercise and shoot a bit more film into the bargain. As I only decided to do this yesterday, I’m already behind. So I’m going to post two shots today to get back on track

I’m currently working on a long-term documentary project in my hometown of Gravesend (more of that later), so it makes sense to base the project here too.  There really is no better way to get to know your hometown than tramping the streets with a camera. I’m going to use the tag  #everydaygravesend I like the double-meaning, these shots are just going to be what takes my fancy as I walk each day.

I shot this yesterday and developed the film this morning. In indsight that probably wasn’t the best moment to try stand-developing for the first time. This film is pushed and under-developed which accounts for at least some of the chunky grain. I’ll revert to regular processing until I’ve improved the results stand-developing.